Disproportionate Portraits

Friday, November 15, 2013


Proportionate means in proper use of how close or far away something is. For example if the red planet in my picture was 3000M away it would make sense because it takes up very less area and looks very small compared to the other planets /asteroids.  If you drew the little red planet very big it would be non proportionate. Also, proportionate means life like. It will look realistic and will look very real in size and shape.

If I did this again I would make the planets/asteroids look less proportionate and make my sweater bolder. I should use more chalk for the back round so the background looks more unrealistic and more imaginary. For next time I should spend more time making things bolder and blending more colors in my background.

I learned that you have to make things to make proportionate by making it lifelike and so a tree far away should not be 30cm tall.


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