Hello, my name is David and today I am going to talk about run 4 change, most people ask, Why do we do this run?  That’s why I’m here today to give you the answer today, the answer is simple and complicated at the same time, the simple way is that you are running to help the thousands of kids in poverty and the complicated way is that you are helping kids in poverty, a 1 in 6 chance for a kid in Hamilton to not have school supplies  you are running for a change,a change that can help the thousands of kids in poverty, all you need to do is to run 5K donate at least 5 bucks, five bucks may not be a huge change for you but it is for them, and if every person in Hamilton donated 5 dollars we might have a chance, a chance that might change what is already in front of us, BE THE CHANGE!!!

In science, we just concluded our final project on the human body. For our final task, we had to make lifelike replica of the human body. This includes intestines, eyes,brain,bones,nerves,lungs,heart and much, much more!  Even though it was pretty gross, at least we had a experience. I made the intestines and some of the nerves and bones.

Weird and Gross experience!

I learned that even if you don’t want to do it, you have to give it a try.

Hi i’m David and today I’m going to talk about what I learned a few days ago. Our teacher talked about how we can Google answers but cant Google thinking. I thought that we should depend less on computers and read more books. I think that because we could find all those information in books and plus, computers are designed by humans. So I think that we should be more dependent on ourselves and depend less on technology.

Today I learned that in the Olympics Canada beat Americans by getting the upper hand in the first period. In the last few periods the Canadian had good defense so the Americans did not score once in the whole game. In the end the Canadians beat America 1 nothing. YAY! Great job Canada!


I learned that even that you think you can’t do it, you should always give it a try.

Hello, I am David xia and today I am going to talk about sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is when you have a good attitude regardless if you win or lose. If you lost you should congratulate the winner, but if you win you should also say good game and make the person that lost feel better.

I learned that happiness does not come by winning, it comes by having fun.


A funny comic to stop bullying:)


Proportionate means in proper use of how close or far away something is. For example if the red planet in my picture was 3000M away it would make sense because it takes up very less area and looks very small compared to the other planets /asteroids.  If you drew the little red planet very big it would be non proportionate. Also, proportionate means life like. It will look realistic and will look very real in size and shape.

If I did this again I would make the planets/asteroids look less proportionate and make my sweater bolder. I should use more chalk for the back round so the background looks more unrealistic and more imaginary. For next time I should spend more time making things bolder and blending more colors in my background.

I learned that you have to make things to make proportionate by making it lifelike and so a tree far away should not be 30cm tall.


Hi, my name is David!  I am a pretty honest and nice guy and I like pizza. My blog is pretty awesome since it has a cool name (sarcasim). I have a few followers and I will post stuff on my blog a lot. If you could follow me I will follow you too! Now lets tell you more about me. I love lions and my favourite sport is hockey. I am new to this whole COMMONS thing and I am part of the hwdsb gifted club. I hope you are one of my hwdsb gifted teachers reading this! I also love creating things and trying to make inventions. I hope you learned a few things about my blog and me!